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Callie the Super Dog HAS FOUND A HOME!

The Backstory:

 It had been 3 years since rescuing Conchita the cuban dog from Cuba and as the 2010 olympics approached, my friend Nini and I were debating what country we could possibly visit without yours truly becoming too emotional about the animal suffering. We chose Costa Rica. My husband forewarned me not to return home with another dog!
     We found ourselves in a similar situation. A nearly starved dog found us on the beach at Tamarindo, Costa Rica. We rescued her, fed and nourished her for 10 days and with an abundance of unique stories, twists and money, we had her transferred 400 miles away to one of Costa Rica's only shelters, Asociación Humanitaria Para la Proteccion Animal de Costa Rica (AHPPA). Lilian Schnog is the shelter director and recently received a top award from the American Humane Society for extraordinary commitment.
     This precious mutt (dalmation crossed with who knows what) is roughly a year and a half old. She is super smart and very gentle and deserves a forever home. It is now my intention to bring her to Vancouver where she can find a loving owner.


The Latest:

     Folks, it's official: I've been holding my breath - but there you have it!!! Please go to Callie's Facebook page and congratulate (& reassure) this wonderful angel Judy who has stepped up to adopting Callie

     This has been an amazing journey, challenging, difficult and heartwarming. Callie has taught me so much. The experience has given me (and the plight of animals in the world) HOPE. Hope, that if and when this happens again ( and we all know it will), there are people out there that care. And for every animal that is abused, there are people willing to open their homes, rescue animals, donate funds, open their souls, advocate, and tend to the many wounds.

     It's comforting that you may be in the four corners of the world, and we may not have met personally, but we all share the bond for the love and concern and caring for all the creatures in the world.

     And all of you have have helped so much, I appreciate every one of you, for your care and concern. May we help many many more animals.

     I'm getting a bit misty eyed, so I must stop here.

     Read the original Canadian news article about Callie here:

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