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About Music Therapy Sessions

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. —Victor Hugo

Music therapy can be described as the applied use of music to help people attain health and well-being, or help them improve their quality of life. It can be defined as an allied health profession using music to facilitate positive changes in the life of a client. Music is a primary therapeutic means for dialogue and alternate routes of communication.

What happens in a music therapy session?

After each individual's needs are assessed, a variety of methods may be employed including:

  • Selecting and improvising different musical instruments and rhythm toys;
  • Moving and playing instruments and rhythmic activities to facilitate non-verbal communication, self-expression, and the development of fine and gross motor skills;
  • Vocalizing and singing;
  • Improvising and composing;
  • Puppetry (for children ages 3-7)

Jeni is a trained music therapist, and in 15 years has worked with a variety of ages and special needs.

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